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 Congrats to Sexy Rebels  6/8 Dragon Soul!

 Congrats to Ymir's Misfits  5/8 Dragon Soul!


Quantum Friends is a Level 25 guild looking for raider's and pvper's Who are active , Mature , On time , fun People ,who enjoy Running there Toons  around with others or by themselves.  We do help with Gear, Armor Repair, and Items to help level your skills.  We are looking for All Classes & Type's of Players New to the Game & Those who Have Be Here Since Vanilla.
GM / Officer :  Help the Rank of Raider & up with Enchants / Gemming :) Help Leaders as Asked For & with Guild Assignments. They Have there Own Areas to Help in .                   
Raid Leaders : Set Times & Lot Rules for there Raid . Drops Should Go to Toons in the Raid First Main spec Then off Spec . to Help Gear the Raid First . Toons in a Raid Unable to Attend , Need to Let there Leader Know as soon as they Can .
Raider's : Need to Be Ready to Go on Time ! With the right Gear For the Raid & know the fights (This includes Food & Drink if you Need them :)
In this Guild, a raid leader has complete sovereignty over There Raid.  They put them on the calendar, they decide who Comes or Goes .  If you desire to do a raid, you are Welcome to Talk to a Leader or start One.  All Leaders Who Are the Rank of  Leader, have put on and hosted several raids and proved Themselves before gaining the rank. 
We have a Large Number of Members and are continuing to Grow.  As we Grow, Some Odd ones get in From Time to Time so here are Some Rules:              
#1 Keep Vent Clean. Unless on the proper channel
#2 Keep Guild Chat Polite. 
#3 No NEED FOR CAPS ether :) .
#4 Sex talk is Great In Your Bed Room ,or a Empty Channel , Not in Groups :) in Vent or in a Raid .
#5 When leaving Raids or Groups for a time Let Other Know.
#6 as a Toon in the Guild You are a Part Of All of Us , So Don't Troll Trade or General With a toon in This Guild :) !
#7 It is in Your Best Interest not to get High/Drunk & Talk on Vent or Guild Chat lol
( Yes This Means Singing High All So :P )
Hope you stay and enjoy, and even go so far as to Invite Other Laid Back Friends to Toon with us.  I  Would Like to See Us Improving as a Guild Every Run !  
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